Sunday, April 22, 2007

107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar

Girls' night out on Saturday night, with a friend I hadn't seen in nearly a year. I'm busy, she's busy, the usual; but it was awesome to finally get caught up properly. I suggested 107 Fourth Avenue wine bar, in the Glebe, because I love it and I hadn't been there in ages. She had never been before, so it was perfect. We decided to show up fairly early, since they don't take reservations and it's not a big place. We opted to sit inside and enjoy the funky modern decor that's such a neat counterpoint to the age of the house the bar is situated in. We also scored the comfy leather chairs that are way better for long-term lounging than the harder metal ones. Good thing, too, because we were there for 3 and a half hours by my count.

We began with some spring rolls and a round of cocktails - some sort of Asian martini for L, with lychee liqueur in it, and a Pimm's cup for me. (Pimm's, for the non-aficionados in the readership, is a gin-based herbal liqueur that one mixes with lemon-lime soda or soda water and a slice each of lemon, lime and cucumber, over ice. Very summery.) The spring rolls were tasty, if a little bit greasy, filled with nice crisp julienned veggies and accompanied by a clear, spicy, sesame-seed spiked dipping sauce with serious flavour as well as kick. It's a big serving, good for sharing - two large rolls sliced in half on the diagonal. With a salad they'd be a fine meal on their own.

Once those had disappeared, we moved on to the red wine - a Weemala shiraz for me and a Butterfield Station cabernet for L. I paired my wine with a half-plate of smoked salmon and pumpernickel toasts and a small order of bacon-wrapped dates that, sadly, I could not finish. They're damn generous with those, though I wish they would cook the bacon a bit more thoroughly before serving them. The salmon was of excellent quality and delicious, though I would have preferred the bread untoasted and perhaps a small bowl of dilled cream cheese rather than the horseradish and capers it came with. Coupled with the dates and bacon, it made for a perfect-sized meal, though.

L. ordered the best deal in town - a 5 oz. sirloin steak with frites and salad for a very decent price indeed, and from where I sat it looked utterly delicious. I'll be trying that next time we go there. 5 oz. is the perfect size of steak for me - I can never finish the huge 10 or 12 oz. slabs that most restaurants offer.

We ate slowly, between chatter, and each ordered a second glass of wine, which we drank in a leisurely fashion, and when we finally had no excuse left to stay in those comfy chairs we paid our bill and went down the street to Sbux for hot drinks.

It was great to have a girly evening - it's not something I do often enough at all. I'll have to make a point of changing that.


Lynn Green said...

Just remember, you are no longer responsible for the starving kids in China, so you don't have to clean your plate!

(Damn kids are making more money than me anyway these days!)

Good blog. I'm pushing Oklahoma wines to my friends. I'm particularly fond of "Dust Bowl Red" put out by an outfit in Luther, OK.

whatsherface said...

Thanks again for the good food, wine and company! Let's not wait another year to do it again!