Sunday, May 27, 2007

Something fishy this way comes

Delish fish for supper tonight, thanks to Chris's dogged determination to grill even in the rain. He threw on a jacket and ball cap and went for it, and for his dedication I am very grateful, because dinner rocked my socks. I anointed a couple of tilapia filets with salt, pepper and lime juice, then laid them on a piece of barbecue-weight tinfoil with small holes poked in it. I also made up a couple of foil packets of cubed sweet potato and diced Vidalia onion dotted with some butter, and he cooked those on the BBQ for me as well. I busied myself putting together what might be the best off-the-cuff condiment for fish I've ever come up with - a sort of salsa/chutney/sauce hybrid that looked gorgeous and tasted fantastic. Recipe follows below the photo.

Spicy mango sauce for fish

1 cup cubed mango, fresh or frozen
4 tbsp Thai sweet chili sauce
juice of one fresh lime
1/4 cup diced English cucumber, watery middle removed

In a small food chopper, puree half the mango with the lime juice and chili sauce. Chop the remaining mango into 1/4" dice and add it to the puree along with the cucumber. Mix to combine. Adjust seasonings to taste (more lime juice or chili sauce as desired). Serve over grilled or broiled fish filets. We used tilapia but I think it would be good with salmon too.

With dinner, we drank half of a bottle of a delicious French rosé wine from the Tavel appelation. Tavels are my absolute favourite rosé and a great summer treat. I saved the rest of the bottle to have with the homemade pizza I've got planned for tomorrow night.

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