Sunday, July 8, 2007

Come here, cupcake

Today I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend P, who is getting married on August 4 to an utterly wonderful man, also initialed P. It was a surprise shower, and I was in charge of getting her over to my house, and I am a terrible liar, so imagine my shock when I found out that she honestly had no idea the shower would be today. I'm rather proud of that. It was a crazy day, but I'm thrilled at how it turned out, and I think everyone had fun. I hope so, in any event.

I say hosted, because the party was at my house, but I had a tonne of help with the food from my fellow bridesmaids, as well as the groom's sister, all of whom brought yummy things to eat, and particularly the groom's mother, who made about a zillion party sandwiches (five kinds! so much work!), some of which Chris and I will be eating for lunch tomorrow. My mom also came over early and helped me decorate my house with all manner of lovely ribbons.

My contributions were punch and cupcakes, which makes it sound like a party for kindergarteners, but honestly, they were both apparently a big hit. The punch was simply two kinds of juice (Five-Alive, a citrus blend, and cran-raspberry) with ginger ale and orange and lime slices. I didn't have any because the cran-raspberry had artificial colour in it, and it gives me migraines - yes, I realized this AFTER I made the punch - but it all went.

The cupcakes I was proud of. I made the usual two kinds: chocolate and vanilla. However, the chocolate ones were vegan, because M, the bride's younger sister, is a vegan and I wanted her to have something to eat besides veggies and dip and the pasta salad she was bringing. I screwed up on the icing, because I thought Becel margarine would be vegan but in fact it contains whey protein (dairy). Bah. So I left three cakes un-iced and she enjoyed two of them. The rest I piped homemade chocolate icing onto with a leaf tip. The vanilla cupcakes were my mom's white cake recipe - so amazingly simple and so tasty, with the tenderest crumb in the world - and I piped the vanilla icing onto them with a star tip. I'd never used a pastry decorating bag to do cupcakes before, and they looked a little lopsided and far from professional (not to mention my icing was in no way thick enough for this treatment, so I had to throw them all in the fridge before the party) but everyone loved them.

Here is what they looked like before being decimated:

I sent the last two chocolate ones home for the groom, and polished off the final vanilla one myself after most of the guests had left. The fun part is that I get to do it all again next weekend for Chris's birthday. I'll use a Devil's food cake for the cupcakes, though, and I'm planning on trying my hand at ganache for the icing. After all, one's husband only turns thirty once. Stay tuned.

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