Monday, July 16, 2007

Quick hit: Fat-free berry smoothie

Or, as I like to call it, my new favourite summer snack.

In a blender, combine one cup frozen mixed berries (I used the Europe's Best 5-berry blend, which this time around skews heavily towards blackberries) with one cup fat-free vanilla yogurt (I have the President's Choice finesse one, which I tried because it was on sale and MAN, is it good) and about a quarter-cup of pomegranate or cranberry juice. Blend, adding a splash more juice if necessary. I like a thick smoothie, maybe you do not, and that's cool. Pour into a tall glass and add a straw.

The plus side to making it extra-thick is that the effort required to suck it through the straw might actually burn calories.

Seriously, I'm drinking it right now and it is so good I don't even WANT a piece of the Devil's Food Cake with chococolate frosting that's sitting in my kitchen. I might later, but that's another post.

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