Friday, August 24, 2007

Just Add Crustacean!

I’ve been cooking a lot this week. Chris’s aunt K is staying with us for a few days and it’s been great having someone new to cook for. Not that Chris isn’t a wonderful and appreciative audience, but it’s great to feed someone adventurous who doesn’t already know all my best dishes backwards and forwards!

The other night Chris went out so K and I were on our own for dinner, and I decided to make the linguine a la casa again. But this time, I thought I’d punch it up with some protein, in the form of the last bag of frozen shrimp we bought a while back when they were on mad sale. I peeled them and poached them quickly in boiling water, then added them into the pasta and sauce right at the end to reheat. I also used two cloves of garlic this time, and a splash of red wine instead of white (because that’s what was open). I stuck with the fresh spinach and the canned tomatoes. And you know what? It was PERFECT. The crunchy sweet shrimp were a marvelous foil for the creamy, tomato-y sauce and the veggie goodness of the spinach. Serious wow factor. This is my new dinner party pasta dish.

It was so good, in fact, that it didn’t get photographed before we ate it. But I will next time. It’s too pretty not to share.

This weekend I am taking a break from cooking – we’re doing fun food at my mom and dad’s tonight, then tomorrow Chris and I are finally trying Ahora, a Mexican place in the Byward Market that gets rave reviews despite its basement location and cafeteria-style counter pickup approach. I shall report back in detail, of course.

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