Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eating Our Way Through Labour Day

We had a sociable long weekend, but plenty of time to ourselves, too, which was a lovely balance. There was plenty of good food involved, as well, and some of it was even made by me! The crowning glory was Saturday night's dinner - a Thai red curry seafood stew with Japanese eggplant and yellow zucchini from the Carp Farmer's Market (where we spent a glorious hour on Saturday morning and came away with two kinds of tomatoes, melons, broccoli, a cucumber and the aforementioned squashes) over rice.

The curry was a sort of riff on the red curry bowl I had at Savana last week, but with seafood. Sea scallops are on for half price at Farm Boy this week, so I bought a package of six large ones and simmered them, along with a bag of frozen shelled shrimp and the veggies in a sauce composed of one can of light coconut milk, a tablespoon of Thai red curry paste fried in a little canola oil, and a tablespoon of brown sugar. I threw the veggies in first and when they were nearly cooked I tossed in the seafood and cranked up the heat a bit, covered the pot and let it steam and simmer until it was all cooked nicely. A couple of scoops of plain white rice were perfect for cooling the mouth (that red curry paste is serious stuff). It was so good, I did something I never, ever do anymore. I had seconds.

Dessert, consumed much later in the evening, was ice cream sundaes built from vanilla frozen yogurt, dark chocolate sauce (President's Choise - to DIE for), pecan pieces and brownie bits. We ate them while watching the first of the three Bourne movies - we ended up watching the second one as well. It was a late night, but a damn fine one.

I didn't cook much more during the course of the weekend - we went out to two different friends' places for dinner - but I did have lunch at Moxie's over at Bayshore on Sunday, and tried their grilled wild salmon sandwich/wrap thing - it's a whole filet topped with caper aioli and caramelized onions, wrapped in naan with lettuce and tomato. It was incredibly messy to eat, but extremely fresh and delicious, and I would totally order it again. The little spring mix salad with dried cranberries and feta that came with it was very nice as well.

Tonight I had fully intended to make an Indian-style chicken curry with dried fruit, but by the time we got home I was completely exhausted so I ended up making some PC white cheddar macaroni and cheese and a bunch of broccoli, and a caprese salad instead. Yes, it's from a box, but it is seriously good stuff. And the veggies were all local, and the cheese in the salad was buffalo mozzarella, and it was delicious. And fast.

Curry tomorrow. Chili later this week. Thursday night, I'm trying a new turkey burger recipe - Southwestern inspired, out of Cooking Light. I hope there will be photos.

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