Sunday, November 4, 2007

Madness, insanity, travel and a little bit of really good food

Chris was away for work three nights of this past week, and on Friday I took the Greyhound down to Toronto to meet, him, because his grandfather died last weekend and the funeral service was on Saturday afternoon. We got a hotel in North York, close to the funeral home and his granny's apartment, and once I arrived we had just enough time to takeout Thai from a place across the road called Thai Mango before heading to the evening visitation.

It was decent for a North York strip mall place - Chris's fried veggie spring rolls were crisp and tasty, my fresh rolls with tofu were short on tofu but long on fresh lettuce, sprouts and carrot, sliced into thick rounds for easier eating. Both came with a sweet vinegary sauce, which was fine though I would have preferred peanut sauce with my fresh rolls. We shared a chicken and shrimp pad thai that was huge, for the price, and quite serviceable despite its origins - the sauce was fairly bland, but the noodles were beautifully cooked and there were plenty of fresh sliced green onions and chopped peanuts. Three decent sized shrimp were crisp and tasty, and tons of shredded chicken breast added oomph. I'm just sorry we had to eat it so darned fast.

The next morning we grabbed breakfast at a Cafe Supreme that was in the shopping concourse attached to the hotel - they make a mean breakfast wrap, with eggs, cheddar, spinach and sundried tomato mayo. Quite decent for what's basically fast food. Good coffee, too. One of those fortified us through until the reception after the funeral service.

Late that evening, on our drive home from the T-dot, we stopped in Kingston for a much-needed dinner break. We tried Wooden Heads, but as it was Saturday at eight o'clock, they were packed to the gills with an hour's wait. We wandered over to Tango with our fingers crossed and scored the last table for two in the place - there was a huge well-dressed group that turned out to be an engineering formal from Queen's. It was lovely as always, though the food took forever due to the aforementioned crowd - the servers apologized graciously for the wait, though. (Comping my glass of wine would have been a nice touch, but the food was good, so we let it slide.)

We both started with a cup of the daily soup - cream of cauliflower. It was perfect, flavourful and buttery and kicked up with black pepper. Divine winter food. Chris went on to the seared sea scallops, which this season come in a curry bechamel with lemon and mustard seed rice and steamed asparagus. I know - asparagus in November? But it was thin and tasty and crisp, at least. More of the same buried in my huge bowl of spicy tomato and sage leaf broth surrounding a fall-off-the-bone braised lamb shank and a pile of sweet potato mash (subbed for their roasted garlic mash, which is way too assertive for me). I mean it when I say the tomatoes were spicy - it kicked my ass, but in a good way, and I wish they'd chopped the sage, because eating the leaves whole annoyed me a bit, but the flavours worked together nicely. They do both scallops and lamb beautifully at Tango - I've never been disappointed in either one.

We shared a slice of very good New York cheesecake with a berry compote for dessert, and declined coffee. I had a glass of Tall Poppy shiraz that was only okay - I cheaped out, and I won't do it again. I'm worth the extra buck per glass for a better red wine.

Made it home by 12:22 a.m. Blissfully, we have nowhere to be today. I have never been so tired.

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