Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cookie Day

I promised to blog about Cookie Day, so without further ado, the story of how eight bazillion cookies somehow ended up on my dining room table:

In early December, I emailed my sister and my mom to ask if they wanted to do a big cookie baking day sometime before Christmas. They both agreed, and so on the morning of the 23rd my sister arrived with a box of ingredients in tow, and we set about making gingerbread cookie dough. Once it was done and chilling in the fridge, we put together the dough for World Peace (Korova) cookies, shamelessly borrowed from Smitten Kitchen, because they looked too damn delicious not to make. They're basically a chocolate shortbread with chocolate chips in them, and you roll the dough into logs, chill it down, then slice and bake. We had three logs in the chiller before we knew it, and then Mom appeared with a bowl of sugar cookie dough and an appetite for lunch. We declared a break and had tuna sandwiches (sis and I) and leftover pork tenderloin and squash (for mom, who needed hot food).

Back at it we went with the rolling pin and cookie cutters, the parchment paper and baking sheets, and before long we had several dozen dark, spicy trees, stars and snowmen cooling on the table. We moved on to the cream cheese sugar cookies (a new recipe for us this year, and quite good, though the traditionalist in me will always love the old school ones we used to make, with just butter) and finally the World Peace cookies, easiest of all. One tea break later, we had enough gorgeous and tasty treats to fill the entire table and the one in the kitchen besides. We sat down victoriously to beef stew I had cooked the day before (from my mom's recipe, and I must say I think this particular batch was my best ever) and then divided up the spoils for transport. In the end I think we each ended up with at least five dozen cookies. I gave some away, and we're still eating ours. It was a messy, sweet, glorious day and I'm so glad we made it happen.

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