Monday, December 3, 2007

Weekend comfort food

After our lovely Saturday night dinner with meat and chocolate and good wine, I was craving something more simple and ascetic for dinner on Sunday night. I remembered Deb from Smitten Kitchen posting a recipe for curried lentils and sweet potatoes a couple of weeks ago, and that sounded awfully good. Except for the part where I had used up all of our sweet potatoes the night before. Oops.

Fortunately, I had a butternut squash in my bin, which subbed in nicely for the yams. I cooked it up and it made the house smell lovely and it was very tasty with a nice spicy kick. It makes a ton, however, and the swiss chard in it doesn't hold up terribly well to microwaving, I must say. You can view the original recipe, with photo, here. Deb says it could win an ugly food contest, and while I thought hers looked OK, mine was indeed hideous to gaze upon. So we ate without looking at it too much.

Earlier on Sunday, I decided to bake something nice that we could eat for breakfasts this week, and after a look in the fridge and a browse round the internets, I came up with chocolate applesauce cake. It's from allrecipes, but I adapted it slightly to make half the recipe, baked it in a loaf pan, left out the nuts and subbed half whole wheat flour. The result is absolutely perfect for breakfast - nice light texture but good and moist without being heavy. We're enjoying it immensely.

In other news, I am daydreaming regularly about my Christmas eve and day menus, and looking forward to the madness with a little too much glee, especially now that it's snowing.

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