Thursday, January 24, 2008

Black bean and veggie burritos

Last night’s burritos were surely the ugliest I’ve ever made - so much so that I declined to photograph them. The tortillas went soggy and ripped as I removed them from the pan; the cheese stuck to the sides of the pan and scorched slightly; even judicious applications of salsa and sour cream could not disguise the fact that these were not attractive burritos.

Had they been utterly delicious, I might have been able to forgive them, but alas, they weren’t that, either. I made a game-time decision to chop a zucchini and add it to the filling, and that turned out to be not the most inspired idea I’ve ever had. It rendered the filling overly sweet and wetter than usual, hence the soggy tortillas and lackluster taste. I also didn’t add enough chipotle powder, so they weren’t as kicky as usual, and I missed the zing of smoky spice on my tongue, soothed easily with sour cream and cheese.

All in all, edible, not a failure, but not anything to boast about, either. Next time I’ll stick to my knitting and go with the straight-up black bean filling I usually do. It’s simple, cheap, tasty, quick and filling. Trying to gild the lily (and, honestly, shoehorn more vegetables into an already-healthy meal) was a misjudgment on my part.

I would like to just sing the praises of my slow cooker one more time, though, because I cooked these black beans from dried and they ended up at the perfect consistency for burrito filling and soup – soft, creamy, but still holding their shape (just barely). I’d cook them for an hour less, next time, but they were perfectly satisfactory as they were. I threw the remaining beans in the freezer and look forward to soup and better burritos in the coming weeks.


Kelly Kirch said...

Fish!!!! I missed you. Missed your wedding! Missed the first six years!!! But I just got the Alumni Eye and saw your post.


Kelly Kirch said...

Oh woops. That's my pen name. Sheesh, I'm slow sometimes. But how many friends from Graded did you have who called you Fish, with the first name Kelly? Can't post my name, kiddo, bad for business.

Alison said...
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Celia said...

Ali, sometime try just diced zucchini, maybe with red pepper, sauteed until soft with some spices as a tostada topping. Really quite good, and not wet.