Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Book of Lists

In the spirit of beginnings and resolutions and so forth, some food-related lists for the record:

Ten Restaurants to try in Ottawa in 2008
Genji (sushi)
A'roma Meze (mediterranean small plates)
Wellington Gastropub (like it sounds)
L'Oree du Bois (OK, it's in Chelsea QC, but whatever)
Piza'za (in Hull, again whatever, it's thin crust pizza and that can't be bad)
Allium (eclectic bistro)
Oz Kafe (ditto)
Milagro (Mexican)
El Meson (Spanish)
Ambiente (Tuscan)

Five Restaurants to Try in Montreal in 2008
Soy (modern Asian)
Les Trois Petits Bouchons (wine bistro)
La Prunelle (French bistro)
Le Cinquieme Peche (creative bistro)
Devi (Indian)

Five Restaurants to Return to in 2008
Mekong (Ottawa pan-Asian)
BU bar a vins (Montreal Italian small plates and wine)
L'Express (Montreal French bistro)
Wooden Heads (Kingston wood oven pizza)
Au Tarot (Montreal Moroccan)

Five Things to Cook in 2008
lamb tajine
mole poblano
Asian shrimp dumplings
Tom kha gai (Thai soup with lemongrass, coconut and chicken)
challah (Jewish egg bread)

What are your food challenges/wishes/dreams for 2008?


Jen Chase said...

Can Mike and I try a couple of these with you and Chris?

Alison said...

We would love that! You can mull over which ones you want to try, and let me know.

Benson said...

I like your list of top 10 restaurants to try in 2008. Do you want to share your review at www.OttawaFoodies.com as well?