Sunday, January 13, 2008

Further adventures in salmon with Cooking Light

And the hits keep coming, at least from this magazine. I made another Cooking Light salmon recipe for dinner tonight, and it was awesome once again. I'd gotten into a bit of a rut with salmon, you see: both of us love it, and so we have it at least once every other week, and as I'd found a method that we both really liked (marinate in soy, lime, ginger, brown sugar and maybe some garlic; broil or grill until done; devour) I stopped bothering to try new ways of preparing it. Oh, once in a while I'd cut up a fillet and lightly poach it in an Asian broth with mushrooms and noodles, but even that gets old after a while (though it's a Nigella recipe, and divine).

A search through the CL archives yielded me three interesting-looking salmon recipes. The one I made last week, with the panko and the lemony spinach and potatoes, was awesome. The one I made tonight was just as good, but in a completely different way. The recipe is called Grilled Salmon with East-West Spice Rub and Orange-Soy Glaze. I made 1/4 of the recipe and tweaked the spice rub a little bit because I didn't have five-spice powder and in fact, I don't like it (it contains star anise, which I HATE). Instead, I used roughly equal amounts of cinnamon and cardamom, and half that amount each of cloves, black pepper and ground ginger. I found that it worked very well indeed. Also, I broiled the fish instead of grilling it, because Chris has a huge amount of work today and I didn't want to ask him to grill the fish (plus it's cold out).

The result was as delicious as it was beautiful. I'm glad I took the time to do the suggested garnishes; the green onions in particular added a lot to the finished dish for me. Not sure if I'd bother with the sesame seeds again. I served the fish with leftover coconut rice and sauteed spinach with sesame oil, garlic and a squeeze of fresh orange juice - had to use up the rest of the huge navel orange I bought for the glaze. (The last quarter was nobly used in a lovely cocktail I threw together to accompany my dinner: 3/4 oz each of vanilla and raspberry vodka, 1/4 navel orange, squeezed, and a splash each of cranberry and pineapple juices, shaken over ice. It was delightful with the buttery fish and the sweet, slightly spicy rub and glaze combination.

CL gets another add to the "make again" list. I'm still undecided about the slow-cooker chickpea and vegetable curry I made on Friday; on the one hand, it was tasty enough while I was eating it, if not groundbreaking; on the other hand, I have no desire to eat any more of it, despite the huge container of leftovers in the fridge. I don't think that one's a make-again, sadly. I much prefer my stovetop chickpea and spinach invention to this, which involved carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger, tomatoes, yellow curry powder, and a last-minute splash of coconut milk. The result was just... not special.

And finally, some product reviews for your edification and enjoyment. We're trying to embrace a healthier yet still delicious lifestyle here at TDL, and to that end I purchased a couple of reduced-fat items this week. I can highly recommend the Tostitos Baked Scoops tortilla chips - I've had the regular Baked Tostitos and was underwhelmed, but these have a better texture and more pronounced corn flavour. They're excellent with salsa and a little lowfat sour cream as an afternoon snack.

The Chapman's vanilla frozen yogurt with caramel and chocolate chunks is pretty good, too. It was a massive hit with Chris, as well as my sister and D, last night. I liked it, but I prefer my chocolate to melt in my mouth, not shatter into shards, something I really should remember before buying frozen desserts with chocolate bits in them. I'll likely partake of this again, but next time I'm reverting to one of my two favourites: plain Dutch chocolate or Caramel Pecan Crunch. And can I just say how cool I think Chapman's is for making frozen yogurt in interesting flavours? I've been eating frozen yogurt for so long now that I actually think I prefer it to regular ice cream, most of the time.

Gibson approves of all this fish-cooking.

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