Friday, February 1, 2008

Mini review: Timothy’s World Coffee (College Square location)

Chris and I go to the gym at the local community college a couple of mornings a week before I go to work. It’s tough, getting up in the cold and dark, throwing on the workout gear, getting in the freezing cold car, making yourself put on the shoes and get on the cardio machines and just get it done. So most mornings we reward ourselves with a warm drink, and usually Chris gets a snack too. We go to Timothy’s because it’s right beside the gym, even though it’s not my favourite place to get coffee. I definitely prefer Second Cup, and then Sbux, but I’ll take Timothy’s over the other Tim’s any day. (Yes, I’m a traitor to Canadian coffee shops, sue me. In my defense, I drink decaf and can’t eat doughnuts, so what’s the point of waiting in that line?)

Anyway. The Timothy’s we frequent is always staffed by the same two young guys during the morning shift, both of whom are very nice and polite. We’re in there often enough that they know us, but I’m one of those people who doesn’t have a “regular” drink, which I’m sure confuses them. Sometimes I order a latte, but I find their skim milk thin and watery, while for some reason the skim lattes at Sbux are smoother and creamier tasting. So mostly I order a decaf Americano – espresso and hot water. I do this because I find that brewed decaf is usually bitter and nasty at coffee shops. Generally speaking, they make a good Americano, but today’s was superlative. The proportions were dead on, and with some 2% milk and just a splash of cream for colour, it was the best coffee I’ve had in weeks.

Since it’s Friday and I got four workouts in this week (go me!) I treated myself to a chocolate-dipped biscotti, too, and it was AMAZING. Their biscotti are thinner and wider than most places, and have huge chunks of gorgeous almonds in them. One side is thickly coated in high-quality chocolate. Dipped into my perfect Americano, it made me sigh out loud with happiness. Breakfast of champions. If you’re down that way in the morning, check it out. It’s totally worth stopping for.

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