Friday, February 1, 2008


Monday was a very, very busy day. I went to work as usual, then left work around 3 to go prep for an offsite meeting that began at 5. That lasted until 6, Chris came to pick me up downtown, we ran home, had a home-cooked supper, then he drove Mom and I to exercise class, then I came home and collapsed.

Yes, you read that right. We had time for a home-cooked supper. The trick is preparation. Well, that and a willing husband who can make the salad and buy the fish for you. The two things we made - broiled salmon and sweet-and-sour cucumbers - are both so simple they barely need recipes. Together with some leftover couscous from Sunday night, they combined to make one heck of a tasty and satisfying meal.

The salmon took me about twelve seconds to prep, including cutting the filet into two servings before brushing with a no-brainer mixture of dijon mustard, salt, and brown sugar and popping it under the broiler for nine minutes. The cucumbers need two hours to marinate, but Chris said the prep took him very little time and was simple to do. Definitely a keeper, this one. It's even schmancy enough to serve to dinner guests, one of whom will ever know how easy it was. Well, unless they read this blog. Darn. Secret's out.

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