Wednesday, March 5, 2008


"Delicious, low-fat, dark chocolate pudding." Sounds too good to be true, right? Sadly, the answer was yes, today at least. I picked up a recipe from an online magazine called Culinate a few weeks ago for this homemade pudding that required no gelatin and no melting of chocolate. In fact, the ingredients looked so simple, I thought it was a shoo-in: cocoa, sugar, cornstarch, milk and vanilla extract. It took me a while to get the time and inclination to actually make it, but with this afternoon unexpectedly free due to a snow closure at work, I undertook it.

Lots and lots of whisking later, I had a very smooth product that looked delicious. I poured it into 4 ramekins, noting its propensity to produce the dreaded skin nearly immediately, and so I pressed plastic wrap directly onto the tops of the puddings to attempt to avoid this effect. I got them into the fridge to chill down, and then I licked my spoon.

And was sorely disappointed, as the promised deep chocolate flavour and smooth creamy texture were nowhere to be found. This pudding was inspid, slightly grainy and glutinous all at the same time. I sighed and wondered whether it would improve upon chilling.

Three hours later, I can report that it did not. It's certainly edible pudding, but it's nothing I really want to eat. Fortunately, Chris is not nearly as picky as I am, and devoured the rest of my cup without complaint. So the two cups of milk won't go to waste, at least. And I'm too full from dinner to enjoy any dessert tonight in any event. But it was a disappointing experiment and one I won't be repeating, at least not with that recipe. Oh well.

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jsiddall said...

Growing up, we used to fight over the skin on pudding. It wasn't until years later I learned most people hate it!