Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Brunch '08

For the past five years or so, my sister and I have done Mother's Day tea with my mom and my grandma. Some years we've gone to the Chateau Laurier hotel's restaurant, Zoe's, which does a gorgeous English afternoon tea with finger sandwiches and scones and such. Other years, we've hosted it ourselves and done all the cooking and baking. It's fun, but a huge amount of work, so this year we took the day off and took mom and grandma out for brunch for a change. We went to the Village Cafe in Westboro, where they do a fantastic, slightly funked-up but not too oddball brunch, and we had a great time. The weather was gorgeous so they had the big front window open, and the fresh air felt fabulous as we ate.

Mom treated herself to the cinnamon-raisin french toast stuffed with cream cheese, smothered in berry sauce and syrup. Grandma played it a little safer, going for the breakfast special with scrambled eggs, bacon (her real goal), roast potatoes and toast, and a latte (yes, we've hooked my 81-year-old grandmother on lattes, but at least she insisted on decaf). J ordered the benedict, as always, with smoked salmon added for extra sass. I branched out from my usual feta and veggie omelette - the BLT was too much for me to resist. TWO kinds of bacon (regular and maple peameal) plus roasted cherry tomatoes, sweet tomato jam, mixed greens, chevre and cheddar on multigrain. Oddly, it didn't come toasted, but that was OK with me - the bread on a toasted sandwich always scratches the roof of my mouth anyway. In any event, it was freaking amazing. I will be eating that again, for sure. All of our entrees came with a nice side of salad greens and fruit with a berry dressing. Everyone was happy and well-fed, and after we finished we took a stroll into some of the nearby shops, where I ended up buying a colourful striped mat for our front hall.

It was a great way to spend a warm sunny Mother's Day afternoon.

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