Sunday, May 11, 2008

Smothered fishie

Grilling season is well underway, but tonight was the first time in quite a while that we'd done fish on the BBQ. I picked up a rather sizeable, but thin filet of rainbow trout at the grocery store yesterday and did something new with it: I piled a whole bunch of chopped vegetables on top of it, drizzled it with a sort of marinade-type thing, and then let Chris grill it for 15 minutes. While he was doing that, I whipped up some mashed sweet potatoes with ginger and some steamed cauliflower, and then we devoured the poor fishie like there was no tomorrow. Because it was absolutely yummy. It's a recipe from Epicurious, a place I hadn't visited in a while, mainly because I've been working my way through Cooking Light's archives, but this was more than worth the click. I knew I wanted to cook some trout but I was bored with all of my usual preparations. This one's a keeper.

I couldn't get shiitake mushrooms so I used cremini (coffee) mushrooms, and it was just fine. I also added a squeeze of lime juice to the sesame-soy drizzle, for a citrus kick, and loved it. It looks pretty and tastes divine. I think this would make a spectacular company meal, with a big tossed salad before hand and a quick chocolate pudding cake for dessert. That cake is the easiest thing ever and man, is the payoff delicious. Trust us - we didn't even get a photo of it, it was that good.

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