Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Souvlaki and recovery

So last week, we got the flu. Not the stomach flu, the real flu, with the fever and aches and utter exhaustion. The kind where even going upstairs takes forever and leaves you winded. Both of us spent several days lying on our respective couches, staring quietly into space or half-watching TV or moaning softly to ourselves. It sucked.

Then I had to go to a conference for work that lasted three days and began on a SUNDAY afternoon. With the flu. The only reason I made it was because it was here in town and not in another city. Still, it was in a big hotel and Chris had to drive me there and back, and on Sunday morning I was still so out of it that while blow-drying my hair, I had to sit down to avoid falling down. On Monday morning, I had to sit down and put my head between my knees because I thought I would either faint or throw up from exhaustion. It sucked.

We did eat, throughout this whole ordeal, and mostly we ate reasonably well. No loss of appetite occurred; in fact, we ordered pizza on Friday for lunch, because we were far too tired to cook but not too sick to eat. Most days I was able to cobble together something for Chris to grill, and he was able to grill it, and we survived that way. Also, my sister very kindly made us a batch of yummy oatmeal muffins, which we ate whenever we got hungry and couldn't amass the energy to make something. Thanks, hon.

These souvlaki pitas were dinner last night, after the end of the conference and after a very long nap on my part. The recipe is from Cooking Light, though it was my idea to turn them into pita sandwiches (just spread the tzatziki on the pita, place the contents of two skewers on top, fold and devour), and it is awesome. The chicken stays tender and juicy, while the zucchini caramelizes and goes a bit sweet, making a nice contract to the bright acidity of the marinade and the cool cucumber. Simple, but delicious, and very summery. I think it's going to become a regular occurrence for dinner this summer. We'll have to try it with pork tenderloin too, and maybe even chunks of lean lamb. Mmmm, lamb.

I should add that I added dried dill to the tzatziki, because it belongs there, and instead of mincing a whole clove of raw garlic into it (which would have killed us) I sliced a clove in half, speared one half with a fork and swirled it repeatedly through the yogurt mixture, then repeated with the other half, just to infuse it with a little garlic flavour. If you like raw garlic, go ahead and make it as written, or sub store-bought tzatziki instead. But do try this - it's easy and so, so tasty.

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Very interesting post!

The fish strew looks delicious too. But as you said time constraints...