Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Easy weeknight pizza cheat

I know, I know: pizza dough is easy to make. I've done it, several times, and it is indeed very good. The problem is that if I want to get a second rise out of it, I have to start the day before, then stick it in the fridge after first rise, and most weeks that's just too much pre-planning for me. So I use English muffins, which is a cheat from way back in the day when my mom was still making me dinner. I remember having these many a time before figure skating lessons on a Tuesday night in the winter. It's just as satisfying as an adult. Pair it with a lovely green salad and it still makes for an excellent Tuesday night supper. I like to use veggie pepperoni, and Chris insists that we saute the mushrooms before we put them on the pizza, so they don't make the pizzas watery as they cook. He's right, of course.

One note: Two toppings plus cheese and sauce are about all the small surface area of the muffins can handle, but if you want to go for broke and add a second veggie, on your head be it if your pizza falls apart as you eat it.

English muffin pizzas: a rough guide

one whole wheat English muffin per person, split
pizza sauce
grated cheese of your choice
meat of your choice
veggie of your choice

Preheat oven to 450 degrees fahrenheit and place a sheet of tin foil on a cookie sheet. Place the muffins on the cookie sheet, split-side up; adorn with sauce and toppings, then sprinkle cheese over and bake until browned to your liking, about ten minutes. Serve with a salad. (No one will tell on you if you don't, or if you eat them with your hands on the couch in front of some quality TV Ontario programming.)

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