Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sushi in Toronto

Two weeks ago we spent the weekend in Toronto in order to spend some time with Chris's granny as well as his aunt K (who stayed with us last summer) as she was visiting from Texas. She wasn't going to make it to Ottawa on this trip, so we went to her instead and spent a lovely afternoon wandering around the Beaches neighbourhood. I had never been there, and found it quite remarkable that Toronto has such a lengthy and well-kept beach that I somehow never knew about. The stretch of Queen St. E that runs through the area is loaded with shops and restaurants, but somehow we didn't end up eating lunch until 3 p.m (too much time spent walking on the sand, wading in the shallows, picking up smooth lake stones and checking out a bizarre costumed beach volleyball tourney). In the end, we wound up at Akida, a Japanese place not too far east of Woodbine, where we had a light meal. I ordered their lunch sashimi special which was sort of chirashi - the fish wasn't on top of the rice, though, but accompanied by a small bowl of (hot) rice. I prefer mine cool and sushi-style beneath my fish, but this was fine. The presentations were so lovely I made Chris take photos before we ate them. Here's my sashimi selection:

And here are Chris's sushi rolls:

It was some of the tastiest fish I've had in quite some time, and I even liked all the chef's selections (you don't get to choose). I have no idea what the little red and white fin-shaped ones were, but they were delicious. Actually, I'm not sure what the white fish was either, but I've had it before and I like it a lot. The yellowtail was to die for, and it's unusual to see in a chirashi meal. Maybe the Beaches is just swanky enough that the locals expect it?

We also had several lovely meals with our friends J and C, who kindly put us up and took us to the St. Lawrence Market with them on Saturday morning, where we got the best tea biscuit ever and yummy cookies for later, as well as thick-cut bacon for Sunday brunch that has ruined me for store-bought bacon forever. J made pancakes to go with it and she even left the blueberries out of mine. On Saturday night we all went to an Italian place on Yonge called Il Fornello that I believe is part of a chain, but it was very good indeed. I had a seriously fresh and lovely pasta primavera with grilled chicken and crisp veggies; Chris had some sort of penne dish with veggies and a lemon-garlic-olive oil dressing which he liked very much. We had planned to visit an establishment known as the Real Jerk (Caribbean food) but I was feeling a bit heat-sick from the long day, so we'll do that next time.

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