Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve Dinner 2008

As longtime readers will know, Christmas Day is for the whole family, but Chris and I celebrate Christmas Eve with a home-cooked fancy dinner for two. After a very full day of cooking and baking and cleaning the house in preparation for the following day's festivities here, it was wonderful to sit down with a Kir Royale and enjoy a light yet decadent meal.

This year we skipped an appetizer entirely since we found ourselves far too full after last year's meal. The main course came to me fully formed while I was musing about options last week: seared sushi-grade tuna with coconut-ginger rice and stir-fried broccolini with oyster sauce. The tuna and rice were a steal from Big Easy's, the broccolini a reminiscence of our superlative Chinatown meal in San Francisco. It was simple but worked brilliantly together, and looked gorgeous to boot:

Chris picked up the tuna steaks from Pelican Fishery, a shop on Bank St. that maintains a meticulous supply chain from ocean to counter. I cooked Chris's to medium-rare in a hot pan with a little grapeseed oil, then seared mine super-quickly because I like it mostly raw. I cooked some sticky short-grain rice with light coconut milk and sliced ginger root; the broccolini came from our favourite Asian grocery on Somerset and was simply steam-sauteed and then finished with a splash of oyster sauce. Perfection in every bite.

We finished our meal the same way as last year (and I think it might become THE dessert for Christmas eve): molten chocolate cakes. I think they could have stood to bake another 2 minutes, because the centre of mine fell out while I was plating it, but the taste was beyond reproach. Lindt 70% chocolate never fails me.

I think this was my favourite of our Christmas Eve meals so far. It's always a lot of fun for me to figure out how we're going to treat ourselves.

As for the following day, we did have the big traditional turkey and trimmings meal, which was totally delicious as always, but no photos (too busy eating). The upcoming week should hold some eating out to report back on. For now, I'm off to make some turkey stock. Merry Christmas all, and may your fridges be filled with leftovers.

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