Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food improv week

Wow, I've been away from here for a long time. Sorry about that! Life's been a little nutty around casa TDL. I hope to get back to semi-regular posting this month. SO without further ado, let's get caught up:

The past couple of days have been interesting around our house, food-wise. Thursday night I arrived home from work expecting to cut up a whole chicken and roast the parts with five-spice rub, only when I got home the chicken was still frozen solid in the centre and I had an aquafit class to get to in two and a half hours. So I did a quick think on my feet and realized that, although the pizza I had planned for Friday night was out of the question (no dough made), all of the things we had purchased for toppings would work beautifully in pasta and as luck would have it, I had plenty of whole wheat spaghetti.

Chris boiled some water for me while I chopped a whole smoked chorizo link into half moons, then he sautéed those to render out some of the fat while I sliced some bottled roasted red peppers into strips, drained and chopped a jar of marinated artichoke hearts. The veggies went into the hot pan, the pasta got cooked and then hit with a healthy dose of soft goat cheese and some pasta cooking water to melt into a sauce of sorts, we topped the whole thing with the sausage and veggies, and dinner was served.

That’s it. Easy as pie and six times as fast. And man, it was good. We were just sorry there were no leftovers. That was when I discovered I’d have to do some more improve if I wanted lunch for Friday.

We grocery-shop on Saturdays, so by Thursday there isn’t a whole lot left to pick from. Nevertheless, I discovered a can of chickpeas in the pantry, three red bell peppers, some fresh coriander, and a lime in the fridge, and some naan bread in the freezer. I know you’re probably thinking hummus, but actually I went with salad: the ‘peas and two roughly chopped bell peppers got coated with a quick creamy dressing made from lime juice, canola oil, sour cream, salt, pepper and chopped fresh coriander all zizzed in the food processor, I left the whole thing to marinate overnight, and the naan provided the mop for all that saucy goodness. It was, if not the greatest lunch ever, certainly filling and tasty and not bad for a cupboard scrounge.

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