Monday, March 2, 2009

Discovering yet more deliciousness at Big Easy’s

I knew exactly where I wanted to go for my birthday dinner this year: Big Easy’s. I knew it after our first meal there, in September; this position was cemented after our excellent second visit on New Year’s Eve. I was even pretty sure I knew what I wanted to eat: tuna tartare, steak with creamed spinach, and sweet potato-pecan pie. Chris abhors this thing I do, where I look at the menu online and then decide in advance. He likes to go where the mood takes him, although he will admit to often being in the mood for crab cakes, veal parmigiana, and anything chocolate.

But I digress. I won’t post a full review of our meal, because we’ve been there twice before and we did repeat many of the dishes we’ve had in the past, and all were impeccable. But I tried something new that merits a review of its own, the “grown-up” coconut shrimp. When I see something on a menu referred to as “grown-up”, I always assume it contains alcohol, but in this case it refers to the size of the shrimp, which are jumbo. As in, huge. Four bites each huge. They arrived on a teardrop-shaped plate, gorgeously battered with shards of toasty coconut clearly visible, fried to crisp on the outside but still moist inside, with a divinely well-balanced orange-sesame dipping sauce that made the whole thing just sing in the mouth. Chris, eagerly devouring his very own crab cake, was deeply envious after I offered him a bite.

As for the rest, I will say that I thought the creamed spinach was a touch watery the other night, though the flavor and freshness was excellent; my steak was cooked perfectly; they had my favourite Ontario Riesling by the glass (Angel’s Gate); and the service was impeccable. Also, they offered me dessert on the house as it was my birthday, and brought it with a sparkler but (this is very important) NO SINGING STAFF MEMBERS. Lovely. The level of service and quality at this place is so consistent and the food so delicious, we’ll just keep going back.

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