Friday, August 2, 2013

Simple suppers 2: Tortellini caprese

I am not a homemade pasta maker. I don't have the patience for it. I like flinging stuff around in the kitchen, chopping things madly and tossing them into a sizzling skillet. If I'm going to make something that takes a long time, I like that time to be hands-off, like braising or simmering or baking while I watch cat videos or pet actual cats.

Actual cats.

No, I like pasta, but I am content to let experts make it for me. That goes double for filled or stuffed pasta like ravioli, tortellini, etc. So tasty. So fussy. The tortellini in the photo above are filled to near-bursting with prosciutto and parmigiano cheese, and they were delicious. What I did do was dress them for summer, with fresh tomatoes, chopped basil, olive oil, good balsamic vinegar and (just because I could) some chunks of fresh mozzarella, or bocconcini. Essentially, I made a chopped caprese salad and then tossed it with the pasta, and it was unbelievably delicious. I got the initial idea when we were in Boston a few weeks ago with friends and they had some awesome locally made tortellini in their freezer and one tomato and some basil from their CSA that needed using up. It was good then and it was good here at home, and it will be good again the week after next when I am totally making this again. You should, too.

Deceptively easy.

stuffed or filled pasta, your choice
fresh tomatoes (about 2 large beefsteak or a pint of grape/cherry)
bunch of fresh basil (to taste; we like a lot)
4-6 small (not bite size) balls of fresh mozzarella
extra virgin olive oil
high quality balsamic vinegar (the really expensive syrupy kind really makes this dish)
salt and pepper
optional: minced or roasted garlic

Cook pasta according to package directions. Meanwhile, chop tomatoes, basil and cheese; toss with remaining ingredients in a mixing bowl. Drain the pasta and toss with tomato mixture while still hot, so that the cheese melts a little bit. Devour. Tell your friends. Pet your cats for me.

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